Joshua Clare

Joshua Clare

Josh Clare Josh Clare
Yellow Buoy Josh Clare

Joshua Clare is a promising young artist from Utah who is rapidly making his mark on the art world. Born in 1982, Joshua grew up drawing and was rarely without a pencil and paper, but it wasn’t until after he returned from serving a two-year mission for the LDS church in Hokkaido, Japan and began studying art at Brigham Young University Idaho that he began painting. Thanks to an incredible traditional art program, some of the best instructors in the nation, and a good deal of the Grace of God Josh was accepted into a major art gallery just weeks after graduating in 2007 with his BFA in Illustration, and has been painting professionally ever since.

Harvey Dunn, a golden age illustrator, taught his students that they should thank God every day for “the privilege of seeing the sun cast shadows.” Josh does just that.


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