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Gurus of the Sea Ken Baxter

Ken Baxter began painting at the age of 12 and has not been distracted from painting since! Although he was born in 1944 in San Diego during WWII, he grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he began studying art in the seventh grade. By the ninth grade, he was winning first place in state-wide competitions. He graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. While teaching high school he also attended the Utah State University where he earned his Master of Fine Arts. Even though teaching had its compensations, his love of painting and his unshakable determination to make art his career prompted him to leave teaching and become a full-time artist.

Throughout his career, Ken has continually experimented with new approaches to his painting. Successfully mastering a style and, as a result, successfully selling his works have not stopped him from trying new methods or changing his techniques. As a matter of fact, whenever he finds himself comfortable in a style or technique, he plunges himself again into exploring new and challenging concepts. He thrives on testing and playing with unique color combinations and compositions, refining his work but keeping it vibrant and fresh.

Currently, his favorite approach to painting is the "plein-air" mode. Without knowing this term, Ken was already practicing this technique as a 14-year-old art student, painting outdoors in below-zero temperatures and huddling in blankets to keep warm. The technique requires facing challenging weather conditions, responding perceptively to the imitate environment, and maintaining intense concentration.

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