Lauri Eskelson


Teton Morning Lauri Eskelson
Lauri Horse
Lauri Eskelson
Lauri Eskelson

Art has the power to bring beauty. Nature has the power to soothe, to heal; to bring joy to the soul. I combine the two.

The peace I feel as part of the land, is what I'm attempting to visualize on the canvas. I'm not so much interested in capturing exactly what I see...precisely as the scene is before me. But I'm trying to portray the feeling...the thing about that place that touches my soul.

We are bombarded daily by the negative. I hope that my art can cause the viewer to pause and reflect for a moment on the beauty.

In a chaotic hectic life, to feel the quiet stillness that nature gives brings peace.

As I stand in such places, it becomes my quest to give share.

And so, the reason for my art.


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